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Aaron Jon Schock (born May 28, 1981) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 18th congressional district, serving since 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party.
The district is based in Peoria and also includes part of Springfield. Schock was the youngest member of the Illinois House of Representatives and has assumed this position again as the youngest member of the U.S. House in the 111th Congress and will also hold that distinction in the 112th Congress. Schock is also the first member of the United States Congress born in the 1980s.
* 1 Early life, education and career
* 2 Illinois House of Representatives
* 3 U.S. House of Representatives
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o 3.2 Media treatment
o 3.3 2009 bombing attempt
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Early life, education and career
Schock was born in Morris, Minnesota on May 28, 1981, and lived nearby until fifth grade. His parents are Richard Frederick Schock II and the former Janice Marie Joos (known as Jan Knapp). His father was a physician in Morris.[6] The family eventually moved to Peoria, Illinois. He graduated from Peoria's Richwoods High School.
Schock's political career began because of his challenge of his local school board for the right to graduate early which he was denied because he lacked a credit in physical education.In 2001, Schock was elected a member of the Peoria Public Schools school board at the age of 19, making him the youngest person serving on a school board in Illinois. As a write-in candidate, he defeated the incumbent school board president, Rhonda Hunt, by 1,942 votes. After two years on the board, his fellow board members elected him vice president of the board, and a year later, unanimously elected him school board president, making him, at 23, the youngest school board president in history, according to his campaign web site.
Schock received his Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University in 2002.
Illinois House of Representatives
At the age of 23, Schock ran for state representative in his district and defeated Ricca Slone, an eight-year incumbent Democrat, making him the youngest member of the Illinois House of Representatives. In his first five months in office, Schock was able to work 11 of the bills he authored to passage, and got 18 bills he sponsored passed since taking office. These bills dealt with a series of education reforms, several child protection initiatives, prescription drug savings, veterans' assistance, road construction, and a bill to combat high-tech identity theft.
U.S. House of Representatives
Schock visiting the Illinois River with Bob Walters, mayor of Beardstown, Illinois
Schock requested and was given three committee assignments, which is unusual for a first-term congressman. In addition, he was appointed by Minority Whip Eric Cantor to be a deputy minority whip. He serves as Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Contracting and Technology of the Small Business Committee. Soon after being sworn in, he joined the Republican Study Committee.
Committee assignments

* Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
o Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
o Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials
* Committee on Small Business
o Subcommittee on Contracting and Technology (Ranking Member)
o Subcommittee on Rural and Urban Entrepreneurship
* Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
o Subcommittee on Domestic Policy
o Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement (Vice Ranking Member)
Media treatment
Schock has received an unusual amount of coverage for a freshman congressman, much of it focusing on his youthful appearance and healthy physique. An example of the former is a February 4, 2009 reader poll on the The Huffington Post, in which Schock was selected "hottest freshman" congressman. Schock has been frequently targeted by TMZ reporters since his arrival in Washington; he has also appeared on The Colbert Report, where Stephen Colbert, making fun of the TMZ reports, "grilled" Schock about his "six-pack abs."
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