Monday, November 29, 2010

Women's World Awards 2010

Winners of the Women's World Award, sponsored by the World Awards organization headed by former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachov, intended for women who have influenced the world by their work in areas such as society or politics. The award has been given since 2004. No monetary prize is attached; the prize token has shape of a glass female silhouette. The corresponding prize for men, although no longer observed, was called 'Men's World Day' until it was terminated in 2006. There is also a gender neutral event called 'Save The World awards' which awards equal numbers of men and women.
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o 1.2 2006
o 1.3 2005
o 1.4 2004
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March 5th, 2009 in Vienna, Austria;
* World Achievement Award: Betty Williams
* World Actress Award: Monica Bellucci
* World Entertainment Award: Kelly Clarkson
* World Hope Award: Nujood Ali
* World Lifetime Achievement Award: Marianne Faithful
* World Fashion Award: Angela Missioni
* World Business Award: Marilyn Carlson Nelson
* World Artist Award: Anastacia
* World Social Award: Esther Mujawayo
October 14, 2006 in New York City, U.S.A.; awardees include:
* World Achievement Award: Shana Dale
* World Charity Award: Sharon Stone
* World Entertainment Award: Whoopi Goldberg
* World Hope Award: Stella Deetjen
* World Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan Sarandon
* World Social Award: Lucy Liu
* World Style Award: Claudia Schiffer
* World Tolerance Award: Queen Noor of Jordan
* World Artist Award: Mary J. Blige
* Woman of the year: Robin Herbert
November 29, 2005 in Leipzig, Germany, were awarded:
* World Achievement Award: Alison Lapper
* World Actress Award: Teri Hatcher
* World Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement: Catherine Deneuve
* World Arts Award: Lisa Stansfield
* World Fashion Award: Donatella Versace
* World Fashion Icon Award: Linda Evangelista
* World Media Award: Sabine Christiansen
* World Social Award: Sarah Ferguson
* World Tolerance Award: Benazir Bhutto
* Woman of the Year: Margarete Gehring representing the about 5500 mothers of the SOS Children's Villages
June 9, 2004 in Hamburg, Germany, were awarded:
* World Achievement Award: Bianca Jagger
* World Actress Award: Diane Kruger
* World Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement: Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick
* World Artists Award: Nena
* World Arts Award: Cher
* World Business Award: Katarina Witt
* World Charity Award: Ute-Henriette Ohoven (enriette Ohoven)
* World Connection Award: Valentina Vladimirowna Tereschkova
* World Entertainment Award: Oprah Winfrey
* World Fashion Award: Vivienne Westwood
* World Fashion Icon Award: Naomi Campbell
* World Media Award: Christiane Amanpour
* World Social Award: Waris Dirie
* World Style Award: Nadja Auermann
* World Tolerance Award: Iris Berben
* Woman of the Year: Agnes Wessalowski

Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
Women's World Awards
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