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Monika Kruse Germany singer

Monika Kruse (* 23 July 1971 in Berlin) - one of Germany´s most successful Techno- DJ, Music producer and Record Label Owner
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Monika Kruse was born in 1971 in Berlin, but grew up in Bavaria’s capital Munich. When she was 7 years and had her first piano lesson, she started to fall in love with music. A love and passion that won’t leave her and that she described with: "Music just makes me happy“
After her final exams she started to do apprenticeships in various enterprises like a company that published a music magazine or in a promotion company for music bands. She spend a lot of her money for records and a big vinyl collection.
A bit later she took the chance and started as product manager for the Chrysalis Records label and cared about bands and artists such as Gang Starr or Monie Love.
In 1991 Monika started her DJ carrier and played for the first time in the „Babalu Bar“ in Munich. Her sets at that time were influenced by Hip hop and Funk but she played and combined it already the first House tunes.
A short time later she started her first residency in the „Parkcafé“ Club.
At the end of 1993 she became a member of the „Ultraworld“ Crew that organised Techno events in Munich and opened the Club Ultraschall - Monika was the resident right from the start.
1995 was the release on Monika ´s first production - collaboration with Richard Bartz (Acid Scout) that was released on a compilation, while in the meantime her DJ sets were recognised far beyond Munich and she played outside Germany in countries like USA, UK or Sweden. In the summer of the same year she started her own Housetram Events in a tramway wagon.
At the end of 1997 Monika presented her first solo production on a compilation and moved in the same year to Berlin where she started to release her first Mix CD.
Over the years she met and started to work with Patrick Lindsey with whom she produced and released several years under the project name Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt. Their first released went public in 1998.
Around the same time Monika start and founded her first label Terminal M her platform for energetic, upfront, kicking Techno.
In 2000 she played at Berlin’s massive Loveparade at the final ceremony for the biggest dance floor ever, in front of 1,5 million people.
2000 was the same year where Monika Kruse founded her most ambitious project No Historical Backspin. Influence by the constant violent crimes, beatings against foreigners. Monika decided that Electronic music must take a stand and show that tolerance and diversity is a fundamental part of the „Techno & House Culture“.
At the No Historical Backspin all artists speak out openly that they are against fascism and racism and collect money for f.e. the victim fund of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.
2001 saw the release of Monika Kruse’s first artist album Panorama that she produced with Patrick Lindsey.
In 2003 she founded her 2nd record label:
Electric Avenue Recordings, an imprint that concentrates more on smoother, intense House tunes. In summer she hit the charts in Europe with her summer smasher Latin Lovers that rose in the Dutch dance charts on number 1 and hit the Spanish sales charts in the Top 20. Passengers - Monika ´s 2nd artist long player - was in the record stores in autumn 2003.
In the meantime her skills on the wheels of steal were continuous popular in clubs and on raves around the globe: As resident in the Belgian Fuse club, ambassador of German dance culture for the Goethe-Institute, on illegal parties or the biggest Japanese rave Wire.
In 2007 Monika Kruse decided to start a very fruitful cooperation with Worms based Gregor Tresher. Their first production „GTMK - and more...“ came out in July 2007 - followed by the 2nd 12“ GTMK - Panachakarma on one of Holland’s most upfront label: Intacto.
Monika Kruse ended 2007 with her No Historical Backspin Party in Berlin’s Watergate Club played at Germany’s biggest NYE - event: Sensation White in Düsseldorf and in Germany's biggest electronic Magazine: Raveline - she was voted on the 4th place of the most important German DJ's.
Monika Kruse plays regularly in Berlin´s famous Panoramabar / Berghain.
In 2008 Monika Kruse and her producer Gregor Tresher finished her first solo album Monika Kruse - Changes of Perception that was released on 5 September 2008. The first 12" EP of the album was released in May, part 2 in June and part 3 in September 2008.
* 1996: Monika Kruse "Loop" (Seratonin)
* 1999: Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Part 2 [Frisbee]
* 1999: Monika Kruse: Complex Y2K Vol.1 (xxx rec)
* 2000: Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey: U like..? [Trackland]
* 2000: Monika Kruse & Stanny Franssen "Good fellas" (Terminal M)
* 2000: Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey "Luvsucka" (Terminal M)
* 2005: Monika Kruse exclusive track für Absolut Wodka - free download
* 2006: Monika Kruse & Dave Shokh " Wann war gestern?" (Electric Avenue rec)
* 2006: Monika Kruse & Dave Shokh "Vorgestern" ---free download
* 2006: Monika Kruse@Voodooamt "Wie heißt der Scheiss?" (Terminal M)
* 2007: Monika Kruse & Gregor Tresher pres. GTMK "and more ..." (Terminal M)
* 2007: Monika Kruse & Gregor Tresher pres. GTMK "Panchakarma" (Intacto)
* 2008: Monika Kruse Changes of Perception Part 1 "Changes of Perception" (Terminal M)
* 2008: Monika Kruse Changes of Perception Part 2 "Changes of Perception" (Terminal M)
* 2008: Monika Kruse Changes of Perception Part 3 "Changes of Perception" (Terminal M)
Singles und EPs
* 1998 - Monika Kruse im Voodooamt: Voodoo EP (Frisbee)
* 1998 - Monika Kruse: 1.05h (Frisbee)
* 1998 - Hoschi pres. Monika Kruse: Sandcrawler EP (Primevil)
* 1999 - Patrick Lindsey pres. Monika Kruse: The Last Night (School)
* 1999 - Monika Kruse im Voodooamt: Part 2 (Frisbee)
* 2000 - Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey like..? (Trackland)
* 2000 - Monika Kruse im Voodooamt: Stringrise (Terminal M)
* 2001 - Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Route 27 (Terminal M)
* 2002 - Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Abseits (Terminal M)
* 2002 - Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Highway Number 4 (Terminal M)
* 2003 - Monika Kruse: Latin Lovers (Terminal M)
* 2003 - Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt: Passengers (Terminal M)
* 2004 - Monika Kruse: Latin Lovers Remixe (Terminal M)
* 2001 - Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Panorama (Terminal M)
* 2003 - Monika Kruse@Voodooamt: Passengers (Terminal M)
* 2008 - Monika Kruse Changes of Perception (Terminal M)
* 1996 - Robot Wars 2: Metal on Metal (Sm:)e)
* 2000 - Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey: Needlehopper (Terminal M)
* 2009 - Monika Kruse & Mutant Clan: Sancerre EP (Terminal M)

* 2001: DJ Rush: Motherfucking Bass (Monika Kruse im Voodooamt Rmx) (T-Classix)
* 2001: Mr. Sliff: Rippin and Dippin ((Monika Kruse im Voodooamt Rmx) ( Spielzeug)
* 2003: Oliver Huntemann: Discotech (Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt Rmx) (Confused)
* 2004: Emmanuel Top "mars" (Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt Rmx) (Tracid Traxx)
* 2005: Eric Sneo: Slave to the beat (Monika Kruse Rmx) (Terminal M)
* 2006: Moguai "I want / I need / I love" - Monika Kruse Rmx (Punx)
* 1997 - DJ Mix Series Vol. 1 (Fine Audio)
* 2000 - On the Road Vol. 1 (Terminal M)
* 2002 - On the Road Vol. 2 (Terminal M)
* 2004 - On the Road Vol. 3 (Terminal M)
* 2006 - On the Road Vol. 4 (Terminal M)
* 2007 - On the Nippon Road (Terminal M)
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