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najwa karam the early years and Layali Lubnan: 1972–1988

Najwa Karam Arabic: نجوى كرم‎; born 26 February 1966, in Zahle, Lebanon is a Lebanese singer. Her singing career began in the late 1980s with moderate success, but her major successes began in the mid-1990s.
Najwa Karam is one of the most successful singers within the Middle East. Participating in numerous festivals and concerts around the globe, and has received a number of awards from various distinguished bodies. She is also Rotana's highest-paid artist.
* 1 The early years and Layali Lubnan: 1972–1988
* 2 The beginning: 1989–1993
o 2.1 "The Sun of Song"
o 2.2 Ana Ma'akon
* 3 Domination: 1994–1999
o 3.1 I'm Lucky
o 3.2 Ma Hada La Hada and Maghroumeh
o 3.3 Rouh Rouhi
* 4 The new millennium
o 4.1 No Regrets
o 4.2 He charmed me
o 4.3 2005 and beyond
o 4.4 Love Just Got Greater
o 4.5 2007-2008: Haida Haki, (That's What I'm Talking About) & Aam Bimzah Maak, (I'm Kidding With You)
o 4.6 2009: Khaleeni Shoofak, (Let Me See You)
o 4.7 2010-2011: "Bil Rou7, Bil Dam" (with soul with blood) & "Lashhad Hobak" (I'll beg for your love)
o 4.8 Arabs' got Talent
o 4.9 2011: Hal Leile...MaFi Nom (Tonight, There's No Sleep)
* 5 Philanthropy
o 5.1 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
o 5.2 Other causes
* 6 Awards and nominations
* 7 Discography
o 7.1 Studio albums
o 7.2 Singles not appearing in albums
o 7.3 Compilations
o 7.4 Live recordings
* 8 See also
* 9 References
* 10 Websites
The early years and Layali Lubnan: 1972–1988
Najwa Karam Karam was born in Zahlé, Lebanon, to Karam Karam and Barbara Chahine Karam, a family of Lebanese Maronites. She is the youngest of five children, having an older sister, Salwa, and three older brothers, Tony, Jean, and Nicolas. She spent her childhood in Zahlé, in the care of her parents and older brothers. From an early age, Najwa was known among her friends and relatives for her powerful singing voice, but her parents emphasized the need for an education and a stable career over entertaining.
Karam attended secondary school at Jesus the Angel College, and then worked as a teacher for two years at Eastern College, Zahlé.
In 1985, Karam decided to pursue a singing career by participating in the television singing contest Layali Lubnan (Lebanese Nights), although against her father's wishes. Interpreting popular varieties of the traditional Lebanese Mawal in her powerful voice, Najwa walked away with the Gold Medal, public exposure, and her father's approval.
Following this win, Karam studied at the Lebanese Institute of Music for four years to improve her knowledge of music and the music industry in general. She was under the direction of renowned Lebanese composers Zaki Nassif and Fouad Awad. In 1987, Najwa participated in another television program named Laylat Haz, where she was warmly accepted by the audience. By 1989, Najwa had gained the knowledge and experience she needed to make her first attempt at breaking into the Arabic music industry.

najwa karam
najwa karam
najwa karam
najwa karam
najwa karam
najwa karam
najwa karam
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